Jessie Kearney

Copywriter + Content Strategist

As a Copywriter + Content Strategist in Streetsense’s Engagement studio, Jessie leverages her stellar writing and editing skills to craft messages that resonate with audiences across platforms and produces data-driven results for her clients. Whether she is building a marketing plan, writing copy, or optimizing metadata for SEO, the client’s brand and its core message is always the center of her work.

Jessie’s rich background in marketing, communications, event planning, and publishing influences her unique approach to each project and allows her to serve as a strong collaborator, bringing experience from multiple disciplines to the table.

Prior to joining Streetsense, Jessie spearheaded marketing and social media efforts at National Geographic’s books division and is an East Carolina University graduate.

  • Aspiring Plant Lady

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

- Leonardo Da Vinci