Jared Meier

Director, Retail Strategy

Jared is a nine-year veteran in commercial real estate with his career concentration in retail. Over the past eight years at Streetsense, his aptitude for landlord representation has helped grow the company’s retail portfolio throughout the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia markets. His focus on mixed-use and urban retail has led to greatly increase Streetsense’ presence in Washington DC’s established and emerging neighborhoods, as well as in the downtown core.

Jared’s strategic approach to landlord representation in varying retail environments has established successful, long-term relationships with his clients. He has experience in performing market due diligence and pro-forma analysis as well as the development, implementation, and execution of pre-leasing and pre-renovation merchandising strategies. Jared works closely with Streetsense’s Branding & Marketing team to help develop creative campaigns and is integrally involved throughout the development and leasing process. He prides himself on an honest and accountable method to managing his projects, further accentuated by his ability to work intimately and effectively with his clients to help maximize their assets.

Jared is a Baltimore native and a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

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