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Sushi Nakazawa

Washington, DC


Restauranteur Alessandro Borgognone and Chef Daisuke Nakazawa, a celebrated sushi chef who trained under the famed Jiro Ono, engaged Streetsense to bring a new upscale dining offering to Washington DC.


Inspired by Sushi Nakazawa’s sister restaurant in New York’s West Village, the Streetsense Architecture and Interior Design studios worked hand-in-hand with key culinary stakeholders to develop an upscale sushi experience.

Housed in a beautiful historic DC building, the restaurant was designed to emanate a relaxed yet chic vibe where Chef Nakazawa’s artfully curated sushi and sake pairings take center stage. Dark ebony wood along the perimeter of the space paired with a bright white Italian marble central sushi bar follows Chef Nakazawa’s standard black-and-white color scheme, creating a clean backdrop for the restaurant’s carefully composed twenty plate tasting menu. In keeping with the décor of the building, bronze accents and decorative wall coverings are incorporated throughout the restaurant where guests are treated to a highly specialized omakase experience at either a 10-stool counter or in the sleek 30-seat dining room.

Defined by elegant and inspired composition, the design of the restaurant establishes a showcase for the tonal, textural, and natural elements of Chef Nakazawa’s finessed craft.


  • Concept Visioning
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Documentation
  • Design Development
  • FF&E
  • Schematic Design