Client Profile

Scenthound is a salon that provides essential care and hygiene maintenance for dogs and educates dog owners on their pets’ specific care needs.

Project Scope

Scenthound owners Jessica and Tim Vogel came to Streetsense with a strong brand identity and a distinct market position. However, the pair needed a plan for their first store. They envisioned a salon environment that integrated their business model and branding scheme, while creating a valuable experience for dogs and owners alike. The solution would require intensive collaboration between the Vogels and the Streetsense team to ensure that the store design was an authentic reflection of the brand.

Streetsense worked to understand Scenthound’s target demographic and the central goal of the company: to not only provide a top-notch hygiene and care service for dogs, but to educate and provide for their owners as well. Understanding the importance of individualized attention for each of Scenthound’s customers, Streetsense created a friendly, inviting, and calming waiting area, so that clients had a pleasant wait experience while their dogs were being cared for by the company’s highly trained staff. The salon interior incorporated infographics, designed by Jessica Vogel, to educate customers about Scenthound’s process and products.

Streetsense developed creative solutions to maximize the property’s limited space, integrating individual wash stations that created a “personal” experience for the dogs as well as product displays and consultation areas to maximize customers’ in-store experience. With a design-minded approach and innovative use of space, Streetsense transformed the Vogels’ vision into a reality – a dynamic, hospitality-inspired salon that truly epitomizes the Scenthound brand.


  • Design Development