Reston Heights

Reston, Virginia

Client Profile

Situated within a 1/2 mile of two new Silver Line metro stations, the Reston Heights development transforms an aging office suburb into a high-density mixed-use space.

Project Scope

Reston Heights is a new mixed-use development, incorporating existing office and hotel elements with new multifamily residential and retail buildings. Given the complex nature of the site, Streetsense worked to synthesize the development by emphasizing a walkable ground level environment with discrete site amenities and retail experiences. Streetsense was able to streamline disparate site elements and craft a series of meaningful pedestrian spaces to harmonize a collection of buildings into a community.

Throughout the project, Streetsense provided a combination of retail advisory services, visioning, planning, architecture, and wayfinding. By understanding the client’s needs, specifically from a retail standpoint, Streetsense was able to act as a unifier of other architects, landscape architects, civil engineers and elevate the experience and overall value of the development.


  • 3-D Visualization
  • Construction Documentation
  • Design Guidelines
  • Landscape + Public Space Design
  • Merchandising Strategies
  • Site Assessment
  • Urban Design + Master Planning
  • Wayfinding + Environmental Graphics