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Niagara Falls

Client Profile

Destination Niagara USA is the official Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for Niagara County, NY. A private non-profit with a mission to expand the economic prosperity of the Niagara Falls USA communities, the group is focused on generating individual and group visitation.

Project Scope

Streetsense was engaged to provide branding translation and digital consumer engagement for Niagara Falls with the goal of making the destination more inclusive of visitor attractions beyond the Falls themselves. Focus groups of internal (Niagara Falls stakeholders) and external audiences (both visitors and non-visitors) were conducted to inform a brand positioning effort that would resonate in the hearts and minds of the various audiences. Once the positioning was determined, content was developed in all channels of owned, earned, and paid outreach to engage and move the audience to action. A new website, programmatic and retargeting campaigns, PR, and social initiatives resulted in the doubling of the owned database in two years. In three years, the client saw significant return on their marketing investment from $30:1 to $95:1, predominantly through more overnight visitors and extended stays.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Storytelling
  • Web Design + Programming