2501 Porter

Washington, DC


Equity Residential, a real estate investment trust, owns over 300 buildings in major cities across the United States — making it the third largest apartment owner in the country.


Equity Residential engaged Streetsense to re-envision the real estate group’s 2501 Porter apartment location in hopes of vastly improving the design and utilization of the property’s common spaces. A team of Streetsense Interior Architects developed a distinct approach that incorporated feature elements into the design, creating an elegant experience from the moment residents and visitors step inside the building. Recognizing the 2501 Porter area’s original roots as a local summer destination, Streetsense endeavored to move residents and visitors through a series of spaces with lustrous, cool colors that encourage relaxation of the mind and serenity of the senses.

With Streetsense’s redesign, 2501 Porter now feels expansive and luxurious — starting in the lobby where a large-scale mural and tall brass elevators create a dramatic focal point. In re-working the building’s amenity program, Streetsense expanded the spaces on the third floor to include the fourth floor, doubling the size of the common space and creating opportunities for smaller, cozy seating areas, including a newly designed library and workspace. Though faced with the challenge of a low slab height on the upper levels of the building, Streetsense designers succeeded in creating an intimate atmosphere. While an opening the in the building slab connecting the third and fourth floor, brought to life a nexus for the entire amenities program with the Foyer, where a monumental staircase, brass chevron patterned panels, and a rich blue ceiling maximize the space’s height.

2501 Porter’s new design thoughtfully adapts to the modern needs of its residents, while artfully capturing the enlivened sophistication of its locale in a sumptuous yet comfortable way.


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